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Lucid Dreaming - The Moment of Awakening

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A short article about the moment of awakening in dream and the benefits it can bring.

By Alison Wylie

A lucid dream is when we wake up in a dream, that is, the conscious mind wakes up within the unconscious. An interesting idea in itself but, besides the concept, it is a magical moment. The moment of awakening is like waking up to freedom. The adventures can begin, we can go anywhere and do anything the conscious mind desires. We can have conversations with animals and objects, experience the joy of flight, talk to the dead, discover past lives, the list is endless.

In lucid dreams we have freedom from earthly energies, a truly liberating and refreshing experience that sets you up for the day. A great way to release stress. Ask, and you receive immediately, if you wish to be on a beach basking in sunshine, express your desire, and you are there in the blink of an eye. Manifestation is immediate as we are not influenced by dense earthly vibrations. Our thoughts, our desires, are instantly translated into energy, the energy then forms our desires. We are in control, no destiny or god decides what we do in a lucid dream, we are the protagonist and the stage director.

The moment of awakening in a lucid dream is a wonderful moment. Suddenly realising that you are fully aware in a marvellous playground of the mind is incredible. Who needs virtual reality games?! The moment of awakening in a lucid dream can be compared to that of realising the truth of our situation as humans. We do indeed create our own reality. Our thoughts manifest, though at a slower rate than in a lucid dream due to the denser energies of the physical, but the process is the same. When we understand the process that creates our lives we gain freedom, we discover that we are no longer at the mercy of destiny or fate or any other outside influence. We have choices, it is up to us. With this freedom comes responsibility, the responsibility we have been shunning all these years. If we don't like our lives we can no longer blame others for our situations, we, and only we, can change the things we don't want in our lives and in the world.

It is time to make the right choices, for us and for the Earth. Just as we can create and do whatever we like in a lucid dream, so we can in our lives. We can change our lives and the world but we have to believe in ourselves and our power to do so. We have to make the right choices, the choices that make our hearts sing.

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