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Learn more about the fascinating subject of astrology with these great e-books!

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Orion, Rae - Astrology For Dummies

Astrology for Dummies
You can always trust the 'for Dummies' series to provide an easy to follow guide that is 100% reliable and free from error. If your only experience of astrology is reading your horoscope in the daily paper, and you would like to read a good overview that will give you the tools you need to start practicing this ancient art yourself, then this is definitely the best book around.

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Beck, Roger - A Brief History of Ancient Astrology

A Brief History of Ancient Astrology
Its nice to have such a scholarly book which gives a fair portrayal of astrology. It is also well written and makes a really interesting read. Amidst so many books on practical astrology, this books on the history of the subject, and how it has influenced so many great civilizations, is a welcome addition.

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Erlewine, Michael - Burn Rate: Retrogrades in Astrology

Burn Rate: Retrogrades in Astrology
A great resource for advanced students, which goes into great detail and is thoroughly enthralling.

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Kosarin, Jenni - He's Just Not in the Stars: Wicked Astrology and Uncensored Advice for Getting the (Almost) Perfect Guy

He's Not Just in the Stars
Sex columnist and love astrology expert Jenni Kosarin is taking names and kicking astrological butt. . . . Flirt. Crush. Boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. Husband. Whatever. What's his potential? What's he looking for? How do you fix things once you've messed up? Which sign will give you another chance and which won't? Get the scoop on how your man stacks up. Decipher. Crack the code. Get stellar advice.

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Liao, Sabrina - Chinese Astrology: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life

Chinese Astrology: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life

The most authentic and up to date guide to the 5000 year old tradition of Chinese astrology. Written by renowned Chinese astrologist Sabrina Liao, creator of one of the most popular Chinese astrology Web sites,  this e-book will unviel the cosmic forces shaping who you are. Are you an imperial Dragon, a born leader... a merry Monkey, generous and creative... or a charismatic Tiger, charming and passionate... Also covers compatibility, career and other improtant issues.

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Learning Astrology


Astrology for Enlightenment
An interesting and well written ebook that gives a general guide to astrology as well as specifically focussing on how you can use the tools of astrology for spiritual development and ultimately enlightenment.

Intended as a specialized and advanced text for people who already have some grounding in the subject this will show you how to  identify and integrate midpoints into a horoscope. 

Vedic Astrology Simply Put
An illustrates guide to the astrology of ancient India that prides itself on being straightforward and easy to understand, even for a westerner who is completely unfamiliar with many of its concepts.

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