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Kabbalah  is a collection of esoteric teachings which provides a system of philosophy, mysticism and magick.
The origins of Kabbalah lie in early Jewish mysticism, but from those beginnings the study of the subject has grown and branched out, first into a Christian 'Cabala',  and then even further, so that today many people who study and practice the subject do so outside of any particular religious affiliations, treating it as an independent system in itself, sometime known in this capacity by it's hermetic title of 'Qabalah'
The core of Kabbalistic wisdom is expressed by a  diagram called the Tree of Life.  It has 10 spheres, or sephiroth, and 22 paths connecting them, known collectively as the 32 shining lights. All things belong to one of the 32 paths, and this system of classification has been found to lend itself well to use as a tool for the objective study of comparative religion and spiritual studies, which led the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley to describe the Tree of Life as a 'spiritual filling cabinet'.


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Kabbalah and the Perennial Philosophy

The term ‘perennial philosophy’ was first coined in the writing of Aldous Huxley, to describe the golden thread of truth which runs through all religions, philosophies and spiritualities. The idea he was trying to express is that all of the worlds many religions, no matter how different they may appear on the outside, are all drawn from the same well of eternal truth....

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The Web of Qabalah

Comrehensive online reference resource for the study of the Hermetic Qabalah including complete correspondence tables for the Tree of Life

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