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FREE Kabbalah Astrology Software
Discover how your Sun Sign relates to the Tree of Life, and what that reveals about you, by downloading this free software:

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Vedic Astrology

Horoscope Explorer 4

This is the most popular Vedic Astrology software in the world, and can be used in 10 different languages. It has an simple and easy to use interface, and some really nice features such as the ability to send horoscopes to your friends and family by email, or save them to PDF file, and it's huge library of charts for use in your own research and learning. Included within it are three main sections:
  • Horoscopes
  • Marriage Match Making
  • Varshaphala (Yearly Progressed Horoscopes

With Detailed Analysis Of:

  • Birth Chart Analysis
  • Detailed results of planetary Yogas.
  • Analysis of Planetary Aspects (Drishti)
  • Natal Houses (Bhava Fala)
  • Analysis of the birth star (Nakshatra) and placement of planets in it

And Exclusive Features Not Available Anywhere Else:

  • Visual Transits of planets
  • The most detailed Varshaphala section anywhere.
  • Planetary strengths Shadbala graph
  • Drill down Vimshottari Dasha till Prana and Sookshma
  • Print Horoscopes in color
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    Inside the Explorer:
    An example of the screen you will use within the program

    Category Sponsors:

    Learning Astrology

    Astrology Source

    • Print complete natal astrology charts - suitable for profesionals
    • Multimedia tour to help you to learn astrology.
    • Get personalized daily horoscopes for yourself, and for your friends and family!
    • Comprehensive reference resource for anyone wishing to learn the art for themselves.
    • Works with windows and Mac

    Chinese Astrology

    Astrolim Zodiac

    The Chinese zodiac is made up of twelve yearly cycles, each represented by an animal sign. In addition to this the Chinese method is unique in using the five elements - metal, wood, water, fire and earth, to yield a full cycle of 60 years.

    With this download you get a full natal reading based on your birth date, as well as a compatibility report detailing which signs would make the most suitable partners for you.


    Compatibility Software

    Probably the most original piece of new age / spiritual software on the internet. SoftMatch combines Numerology, Biorhythm and the Zodiac to give the most complete and comprehensive compatibilty reports you can get. Get the complete lowdown on your relationship with unique tailored assesments at differnet stages along the way, or on the suitability of a potential partner, and get the full rights to make and distribute compatibility reports to other people.

    Also includes of the special features such as a daily fortune cookie and biorhythm comparisons between yourself and celebrities.


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