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Witchcraft has a truly ancient history behind it, but in its modern form it can be traced back to the occult revival of the late 19th and early 20th century. Modern witchcraft has been pieced back together from old texts and the remnants of oral traditions, drawing on what is known of other magickal and pagan traditions to help fill n the gaps; despite this the old traditions have resurfaced, the most popular being Wicca and other including the Northern Tradition. Witchcraft is essentially a philosophy of nature worship and natural magick and healing, but for many people it is also a celebration of the divine feminine - our mother earth, deity of life and love, the substance of creation, rather than our father in heaven, deity of the dead and of justice / adjustment, the impetus of creation. In todays world, facing environmental catastrophe, a revival of nature spirituality has the potential to be a great force for good.


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Reclaiming the Witch's Pentagram

The so called 'inverted' pentagram will be familiar to everyone as the ubiquitous symbol of evil, common to Hollywood movies and satanic societies alike. The ‘upright’ pentagram is also a common and well known occult symbol, which can be found in many diverse spiritual traditions. One religion in which this symbol is particularly prominent is the modern Pagan practice of Wicca.

The association between witchcraft and the five pointed star is a long one, reaching back towards the obscure origins of the craft itself...

Reclaiming the Witch's Pentagram

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