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The tarot cards are best known as a method of divination or 'fortune-telling'. The tarot consists of 22 major arcana cards, and then 4 suits running from ace to ten and then therough the court cards in the same manner as the popular playing cards which they inspired.
Each card is packed with religious and mythological symbolism which is used to construct a 'reading'. The origins of the tarot are uncertain, but it is generally thought that the tarot cards were first created as a way of disseminating ancients wisdom amidst religious persecution, and so the cards are also considered to be a book of pictorial characters akin to the Egyptian hieroglyphs, hence the esoteric name of the tarot: the book of Thoth. The cards are therefore also used for meditation or 'pathworking' by those seeking to unlock their arcane wisdom.


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Divination or Prediction?

Divination has always been one of the most popular and widely practiced of all the occult arts. In a world so full of uncertainty the idea of getting some wise guidance from a higher power, the idea of peeking into the future and gaining advanced knowledge of what will happen, the idea of knowing the consequences of your actions in advance so that you can choose the right path - these are all very appealing notions indeed...

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Esoteric Tarot

Although this online resource is still under construction it does already have some great content up with more being added all the time, so I thought it would still be worth putting this link up for you to take a look.

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