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There is much more to the Royal Art of Alchemy than the quest to get rich by turning lead into gold, or the primitive forefather of modern chemistry. In actual act there is strong evidence to suggest that many of the greatest alchemists saw there work as purely spirtual in nature, describing those collegues who worked constantly in the laboratories trying to create gold derogatively as 'puffers and blowers'. In the modern era psychologist Carl Jung saw alchemy as entirely allegorical, and wrote many works outlining the parallels between alchemy and his own transformative process of 'indivduation'. Alchemy also presented a rich stream of philosophy, and brought about a revival of many classical esoteric ideas which could not be taught openly in a society dominated by church orthodoxy. In relation to this it is worth noting that according to modern science the transmutation of metals is possible, by the same process as occurs in a star, and the only reason we aren't all making our own gold is that so much energy would be needed that it would cost more to make than just buying it; but putting aside the practical processes of trying to accomplish this, it is clear that in this, as in many other aspect, the philosophical foundations of alchemy have proved to be sound, and the study of alchemy as a spiritual and philosophical discipline can be highly rewarding. We have collected some of the best resources available for you here to study this fascinating subject in more depth.


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Book Review: The Pregnant Darkness

Monika Wikman PhD is a graduate from the Jung-Von Franz Center for Depth Psychology, a practicing psychoanalyst and a part-time astrologer. In this 287 page book she provides a unique contribution to the fields of both alchemical studies and psychology....

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