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The Meaning of Nightmares

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Dreams can be very revealing, and learning to interpret their meanings can be equally rewarding. This kind of analysis is particularly useful when it comes to nightmares, which are unpleasant at best and can be highly distressing. But if you can understand and accept the meaning of a nightmare then you take away the power it has over you, and prevents it from returning.

So here is a list of some of the most common types of nightmare and how to interpret them:

Being held hostage:  This may come from a feeling that someone in your life has some kind of power over you, and is either pushing you to do something you don’t really want to, or is preventing you from doing something which you would really like to do. Perhaps you feel some kind of obligation or duty to take a course of action that dep down you are not comfortable with. Look at the hostage takers for clues – could they represent someone you know? How much do you empathise with them? It is possible that they represent a part of yourself – perhaps your fear, lack of confidence or limited self-image is holding you back from living the kind of life you would like to live.

Drowning / Suffocating – Dreams in which you are dying or fear that there is a real possibility of dying can be truly terrifying, and can leave people unable to shake off feelings of worry and unease. Usually the experience of drowning indicates that you are feeling smothered or that you are out of your depth in some situation in your life. It would be a good idea to reassess the responsibilities you have taken on, and maybe try to find some ‘room to breathe’ and take some time out for yourself. Other people who are with you, or other objects in your surroundings, can indicate a specific area of your life that needs attention.

Paralysis: Nightmares involving paralysis can be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you are ‘stuck in a rut’, not going anywhere, or not using your full potential. It can also stem from an important choice or decision which you cannot make, or are delaying. If the dream is recurring then this is probably the case. If it is a one off then it could be something else. Occasionally

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people can regain consciousness before the brain is fully awake, leading to a momentary physical paralysis (which is nothing to worry about). It may simply be that you were partially woken, tried to move and couldn’t, and then worked this paralysis into your dream.

Losing Your Teeth: Perhaps not the worst kind of nightmare that you can have, but it can still be quite unsettling and is actually very common. This kind of dream happens when there are big changes in your life, and symbolizes the breaking of attachments, and moving away from or losing something. If you are very distressed in your dream it could be due to fear of changes happening in your life, or because you have lost something you are not yet ready to let go of. If you choke on your teeth then ask yourself if you are keeping things to yourself and choking back emotions when it would be better to talk about how you feel.

If you would like further help in analyzing the meaning of your dreams then you can download Dream Interpretation Software

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