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Through the ages, myths and legends have been passed down to impart wisdom and healing for the spirit. Life can be overwhelming and confusing at times, leaving us uncertain and afraid. Life’s demands can be overpowering. The stories of the Goddesses impart a sense of detachment from our perspectives. We are often the last to be able to solve our problems because we are too close to see them clearly.

The Goddesses honored throughout history and around the world, reveal the many aspects of our feminine spirits through contemporary understanding of their mythic pasts. The Goddesses shed light on our confusion by imparting important insight into women’s intuitive nature, innate dignity and magic. The stories told by the pictures on the cards speak to our souls and reveal the condition of our psyche today. Human experiences are understood through the revelation of the condition of our lives and the world around us.

For women who seek a deeper meaning of life, the Goddess Tarot is the perfect medium, speaking directly to women by understanding a woman’s natural experiences, knowledge and instincts.

The tarot deck contains 78 cards divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each Major card is related to a goddess and her mythical story and symbolizes an important aspect of life’s journey when used in a reading. The symbolization may represent recurring themes or major changes in the situation being examined. Some think the Major cards contain the world’s wisdom. Each card contains the goddess image and an explanation of the meaning including reversed positions.

For women who believe in the power of dreams, this tarot deck will fulfill your desire for a deeper understanding of your own spirit, the possible future, elements of the past that continue to influence your life and gentle guidance intended to assist you in changing the negative aspects of your life to positive.

There are many spreads available for tarot reading. Dependent upon your needs, choose a spread for simplicity, slightly more complex or for versatility. Searching to understand life’s journey more completely through tarot readings may reveal aspects of your inner power you weren’t aware existed within you, allowing you the power of positive energy throughout your life. Be sure you focus yourself before an actual reading by using a simple ritual like lighting a candle or closing your eyes for a moment to create a receptive atmosphere to the information about to be shared by the cards.

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