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If you are interested in increasing your psychic abilities and strengthening your spiritual power the following list of herbs, incense and essential oils will prove to be useful. Some of these items may also provide prophetic dreams and heightened awareness. Others help to improve metal clarity and strengthen your spiritual energy.

Experiment with these scents as an adjunct to meditation or prior to sleep. Or simply use them around the home to create an environment that is beneficial to the intuitive mind. These scents are commonly available in stick and cone incense form or as small bottles essential oil which can be used in oil burners to scent a room.

Many of these scents, such as cinnamon and bay leaf, can also be used in a potpourri. These scents in herb form can also be used in dream pillows or small satchels which are placed beneath your pillow at night or in a bowl on your nightstand.

One of my favourite combinations of scents used to stimulate and improve psychic abilities can be created from ingredients found at most grocery stores. Place equal parts of bay leaf, cinnamon and lemongrass into a small bowl and simply leave this somewhere in your room. The combination of scents is interesting and subtle. Inhale the aroma of this combination prior to meditation or use this to assist in intuitive or prophetic dreaming.

Ambergris - Heightens psychic abilities, may induce prophetic dreams

Anise - Increases clairvoyance

Bay Leaf - Stimulates psychic powers.

Cinnamon - Burned as an incense to stimulate spiritual power and psychic awareness.

Frankincense - Used to increase psychic abilities.

Heliotrope - Improves psychic power.

Honeysuckle - Heightens psychic skills.

Jasmine - May induce prophetic dreams, stimulates psychic powers.

Lemon - Increases psychic awareness, improves concentration.

Lemongrass - Provides clarity of thought, sharpens psychic awareness.

Lotus - Stimulates spiritual power.

Magnolia - Increases psychic awareness.

Peppermint - Increases spiritual energy and heightens psychic awareness.

Rose - Enhances psychic powers

Sage - Used to strengthen spiritual energy.

Sandalwood - Assists with spiritual awareness and growth.

Vanilla - Increases psychic powers.

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