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The one finger shooting zen exercise is a technique that qi gong practitioners use to learn how to direct qi (or chi) energy around the body. In this case it is drawn up from the Dan Tien reservoir in the lower abdomen and directed to the tip of one of your fingers. It is heavily emphasized in martial arts qi gong practices, as one of the applications of this technique is to direct qi to protect the body from attack, or to make strikes more powerful. However it can also be used for healing.
Throughout this exercises you should use reverse abdominal breathing, which means that as you inhale your lower abdomen is pulled in and your chest expands, and then the opposite as you exhale.
Begin by inhaling as you bring your arm up to shoulder height, and then exhale with a 'sshhh' sound each of the 3 times you push out your arm with the palm forwards. You then shoot out your arm as quickly as you can with the index finger pointing in font of you and make a 'her-it' noise combined sharp tensing of the loweer abdomen as you exhale, following by a 'yah' vibrating from the upper chest as you perform the clawing motion to the side. You then move on to the other arm and repeat. You can do as many repetitions as you like, as long as you can remain focussed then the more you do the better.

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