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By Robin J Psychic.

The traditional definition of healer is a person or thing that heals and it is usually in reference to the physical body. Yet there are those who heal emotional wounds with their words and those who heal spiritual wounds with their actions the list is endless. Everyone in some form is a healer whether they recognize it or not. When your child comes to you in tears because someone says they are imperfect in some way and you embrace their pain and teach them to find the greatness within you are a healer. When someone comes to you in grief and you show empathy and listen you are a healer. When you touch a friend on a shoulder in support or give a homeless person one minute of your time you are a healer.

My Spirit guides have often given me insight into the gifts of a healer and I will share them as we go along starting with this

The lesson of the healer

Walk without judgment
Hear only the voice of others
Touch with unconditional love
See through the eyes of a Higher Power


I think that is healing 101 as they remind me often if you cannot walk in another’s shoes and feel their world then you are still walking in the illusion of your own reality.

Being with someone and allowing them to be themselves to share their story and to feel safe doing so this is a wonderful healing gift to give. How many times have you only needed someone to listen unconditionally to be with you in your pain? Some people only need to tell their story they do not need you to fix everything for them they do not need you to tell them where they went wrong they do not need you to be their moral compass they simply need somebody to listen. The first gift of a healer is the ability to hear only the voice of others.

Walk without judgment. You will only increase the size of the wound spiritual emotional physical if you take the position of judge and jury. When you feel down and out having someone come in and parent you is the worst thing ever. If you come to someone brandishing should have’s and waving around statements of guilt and shame you are infecting the wound not healing it. Judgment narrows your vision objectivity increases it so that you can step outside of the box and see the bigger picture.

Unconditional by definition means complete and absolute, and not dependent on certain terms or conditions. So when you come to someone in unconditional love it means you give your love with no strings attached.
Unconditional love respects boundaries
Unconditional love is not attached to emotions
Unconditional love respects the receiver
Unconditional love is love of self pure white love
To love unconditionally is to love without judgment or restrictions


Who cannot see the wounds of others if you are blinded by judgments or you feel the pain of others if all you want to hear is the sound of your own voice. Letting go allows you to be in the moment without attachment. Knowing that I am loved unconditionally even in my worst moments gives me the courage to speak freely it gives me the strength to put a voice to my pain and it allows me to let go knowing I am safe with you.

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Seeing through the eyes of a Higher Power this is open to interpretation so I can only give a perspective based on my own belief system. Perhaps the best way to illustrate this statement is by sharing the words of my guides.

We are one
To become attached is to think of self
We are one
To become attached is to block the light of another
We are one
We are not one if I am separate from you in understanding and desire
We are not one if I am being for you
We are not one if I occupy the space which is yours
I am we are one


You are learning rather than being a separate entity from others you are the trees the flowers the rivers the man next door
You are not separate but one divine energy
If you were separate as ego claims you would not feel others or nature you are one
You cannot heal if you cannot feel
You cannot feel if you are not one
We are one this means there is no superior no inferior no better no worst just one

Eagle Feathers

So for me seeing the eyes of the Higher Power is simply acknowledging we all come from the same seed of creation we are indeed one.

So you have the basics of a being a healer these are not super powers but simply abilities everyone possesses but not everyone chooses to use.

You can apply the same principles to your own healing
• Be gentle with yourself don’t judge yourself to harshly
• Find a way to get away from the noise of the outside so that you can hear the voice of your heart listen to what your body is telling you feel your emotions
• Love yourself unconditionally accept who you are and where you are right now
• Allow the light of your greatness to shine let go and let God/Higher Power/Goddess give over your burdens lighten your load

There are moments in everyday you can be a healer
• When your children partner friend comes to you distressed take a moment to just be with them without distraction
• When you see someone whose belief in themselves is slipping away take a moment to tell them one thing you think is wonderful about them
• When someone close to you experiences a loss be the shoulder they can lean on be the hand that they can reach for be the arms they can seek comfort in
• When a stranger says hello take a moment to say hello back it may make all the difference to their day
• When you feel wounded and hurt take a moment for yourself and know its okay to put yourself first

How we heal
• Touch: a simple touch on the arm in support can give someone the strength to climb mountains
• Listen not just listen but hear the words: Ten minutes of listening can give somebody the release they need so they can let go of anger
• Empathy: Knowing they are not alone they are heard can give somebody the courage to make changes
• Love: To feel loved again is to feel part of something to belong and this feeling can bring somebody back from the brink of despair
• Time: Giving our time to somebody shows we care we value them want to be with them think they are worth being with and this can make somebody start believing in themselves and there own capabilities

The voice of the healer is gentle it encourages it brings forth the greatness in all souls and it always comes with unconditional love light and with the highest good in mind.
We all have the voice of a healer it is on every one of us waiting to be used.
We all have the gifts mentioned above have had them since we were born.
Mother Teresa said small things done with great love will change the world and she was right.
If every person became a healer if every person brought out their gifts and used them the world would change.
You are a healer I see it in your soul I see it in heart and I know one day I will see it in your actions.

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