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Although the moon is the smallest by far of the celestial bodies which influence our lives it is also by far the closest to us here on earth, which makes its power over us, and within us, very great. In astrology the sun and moon are considered to be the most important factors, and even people who do not believe in astrology, witchcraft, or other traditions which talk about these things, cannot deny that the seasons and the full moon have effects on our feelings and behaviour, as these things have been extensively documented by science.

In this article I want to show how an awareness of the moon’s movements and the principles of astrology can enrich and empower your life. There are 6 main events which are common and have a powerful influence, whose nature it is useful to be aware of:

1)      The Full Moon –This is a time when feelings and desires run high, and we can be subject to emotional tides. You should beware of allowing reason to be overwhelmed by ‘lunacy’, but it is a good time for fulfilling passions, for self-expression, and for bringing things to a head.

2)      The New Moon – A good time to plan for the future, begin new projects, or to look for an innovative new approach to solving a problem that has vexed you.  

3)      The Dark of the Moon – This can be a difficult time but it can also be harnessed for good if you allow yourself to withdraw a little and take time to recuperate, heal and contemplate where to go next.

4)      The Moon in your Sun Sign – This is the time when your charisma and personal power are at their peak, and when you will feel most outgoing and confident in yourself. Make the most of it, and of your natural strength and talents which will be especially emphasized in this period.

5)      The Moon in your Moon Sign – You will be emotional and sensitive. This may not be the best time to put yourself on the line and risk getting hurt, but it is a great time for sociability, improving relationships and gaining a deeper understanding of others, and for harnessing your intuition. Follow your gut feeling.

6)      The Moon in the Sign Opposite to your Sun sign – A time of interference and the weakening of your personal charisma and power. Your natural strengths may seem useless now, but it can be a productive time for education and self-improvement.


Clearly some of these events can also happen together, and that is something you should also be aware of.  A full moon in your star sign, for example, can usher in a particularly winning period. Keeping in mind what astrology reveals about these times can really help you to make the most of the cards that you are dealt in the game of life, and I wish you success in harnessing its power.

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