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Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer is, according to the cover, a ’90-day guide to out of body experience’. In addition to extensive daily exercises, trouble-shooting and some basic information about what astral projection actually is and what you can expect from the experience, it also includes a ‘brainwave generator’ CDROM which uses programmed sound frequencies to help induce an altered state of consciousness.

When it comes to useful practical exercises, which are sensibly organised into progressive categories from basic relaxation to trance induction to actually inducing OBE’s and astral projection, this book is the most comprehensive  have ever come across. But in a way I found it to be a bit too comprehensive. If you were to follow the 90 day course exactly as it is given in the book it would require a substantial commitment of both time and energy every day for 3 full months, with new exercises being introduced so regularly that you don’t really have time to get the hang of one thing before moving on to the next. Because of this I was unable to follow the 90 day course properly myself, but I did still stick with it and used the book in a more relaxed manner.

Since there is a clear goal in mind for anyone who reads and follows the instructions in this book it is, in a way, quite easy to rate it. Any judgment of the quality of a book like this has to rest ultimately on whether it enables the reader to achieve what it promises them, so here is the judgement of my own experience:

I have bought 2 books on this subject before, and made fitful attempts which all failed completely. Sing the exercises in this book I did experience a very brief out of body experience on one occasion. I haven’t managed it again since, but then I haven’t had the time to put   what I think is the necessary effort into it.

 I guess that my summary of this book is that if you have a decent amount of time (at least 30 minutes per day and more on some days), and if you are determined to ‘master astral projection’, then this book will probably give you the best possible chance of success, but it is certainly not for the casual reader.

If you are interested in following this course yourself you can get it from or by licking the links below - make sure you click the right one!

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