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The power of crystals, gemstones and minerals to increase intuition, enhance psychic abilities and strengthen the connection to the spirit world has been known for centuries. The following list provides a brief guide to the psychic ability enhancing powers of many popular gemstones and minerals

Agate – Agate is able to enhance intuitive senses, produce a peaceful state of mind, and help to connect to spiritual energies

Amethyst - Amethyst enhances psychic anilities and offers some protection from negative energies within a close radius.

Angelite - Angelite is thought to aid in astral travel and telepathic abilities

Andalusite – Andalusite acts as a type of psychic energy dampener, this is useful for those with overactive psychic energies.

Apatite - Apatite stimulates psychic energies and produces inner visions.

Azurite – Azurite is a powerful psychic ability enhancer.

Chrysocolla - Chrysocolla improves psychic abilities and can induce prophetic dreaming and trances.

Coral - Coral is known to increase intuition.

Emerald – Emerald enhances the clarity of dreams and spiritual insights.

Howlite - Howlite has a calming effect on the mind. It assists in opening the mind to receive spiritual information.

Iolite - Iolite opens the mind to psychic visions and creative insight.

Kyanite - Kyanite is known to provide greater psychic abilities as well as assist in lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathic skills and clairvoyance.

Labradorite - Known as the Wizards Stone Labradorite increases intuitive abilities.

Lapis lazuli - Lapis Lazuli enhances psychic ability.

Moonstone – Moonstone aids in developing psychic abilities and enhances ones own intuitive skills.

Obsidian – Obsidian is often used as for divination and it can increase psychic abilities.

Sapphire - Sapphires increase telepathic abilities.

Sugilite - Sugilite is known to dramatically increase psychic abilities as well as offer protection from negative energies.

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