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There are people find that it is acceptable to work with dreams but they do not find that it is acceptable to work with the Tarot.  However, truth be told, you can utilize the Tarot in order to help you with self-growth and understanding without ever doing any form of divination at all.  This is because with both dreams and the tarot you will get a wide variety of images.  These images will pique your unconscious in a very delightful way.
Some of the ways in which the tarot and dreams are both alike include:

1.Both dreams and the Tarot are ripe with symbols.  This is especially true of the Rider Waite Smith and Thoth decks.  These decks both have a symbolic vocabulary of their own.  On the other hand, the symbolic vocabulary that is associated with dreams constantly changes based upon the person who is having the dreams.

2.Both dreams and the Tarot yield insight in many more ways than just with symbols.  There are many factors that contribute to the meaning of a Tarot reading, including the question asked, the layout and positioning of cards, the meaning of a card and the connection between cards.  On the other hand, the meaning of a dream depends upon its symbols, sequence and emotions.  You can consult both the Tarot and your dreams in order to find answers to your questions though.
Now that you know how the tarot and dream interpretation are alike, you should know what the big differences are as well.  These include:

1.The tarot is externally helpful.  You do not have to go to sleep in order to have the symbols available to you, nor do you have to put a lot of effort into remembering them as you are sleeping since they are available on a set of cards that can be easily shuffled.

2.Dreams are only internal, meaning that they have to be brought from within.  Nevertheless, dreams can be beneficial to the dreamer without being communicated because simply experiencing the dream can sometimes be enough.
It is nice to see how these two things do have a complimentary relationship though.  This relationship lies in the fact that they stimulate one another.  In other words, whenever you work with Tarot cards your dream source will perk up.  On the other hand, working with dreams will in turn improve your ability to read Tarot in a more holistic manner.

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