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Top Five Astral Projection Tips

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A short article revealing the top five best tips to help you to sucessfully acheive astral projection.

By Liam Schembri

Astral projection is a unique out of body experience that allows you to place your consciousness into other realities. It allows you to travel to the past, remain in the present or even visit the probable future. Below are the top 5 tips for both attempting to have an experience and what to do while you are in the state.

Remain determined

The first and most important step in having a successful experience is to remain determined. The intention to to achieve astral projection is extremely important, and if you are persistent you will be successful in doing so.

Overcoming fear

It's important to remember that it is completely safe and there is absolutely no danger of not returning to your body. All experiences do end at some point, regardless of the longevity of it. Think of it as a unique experience and try to prolong it as much as possible. If you do feel that the projection is much longer than it usually is, remain calm.

Remove jewelery

It is of utmost importance to remove any jewelry and/or protruding objects if you intend on having an astral projection. Your body may move erratically during the experience and can result in injury.

Notify others

If you live with any family members or have roommates, notify them of your intentions. While it isn't common, some have reported that they speak in rapid tongues/gibberish during a projection. This ultimately results in waking others and worries them into thinking that there is something wrong.

Have a snack

Eating a small amount of sugar filled food before sleeping is ideal as it promotes more vivid projections and increases the chances of successfully experiencing one.

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